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Posted by simran 
February 06, 2013 01:16PM
hi dear, how do i record petty cash expenses like staff lunch, airtime for mobiles, etc? and how do i record my vehicles' insurance details, if i buy a new vehicle during the year, how do i include it in the insurance account? how do i record payroll? thanks
Re: entries
February 08, 2013 07:19PM

Quite a few questions bundled in one.

lets start off with the 1st one for now.

Exactly how you set up your banks is how you setup your petty cash.

Go to Chart of Accounts --> New Account --> Bank --> Name it "Petty Cash"

At the end of the year if you want, you can make a journal entry to Zero it out agains Owners equity, but you only really need to do that if you are a Corporation, NOT MANDATORY
Re: entries
February 08, 2013 07:22PM
First off to deduct vehicle insurance, it must be a 100% company vehicle car, not personal.

In any case, it is the same like all expenses

You can either write a check or pay by credit card.

You simply create a new expense account for it call "Auto Insurance"
Re: entries
February 08, 2013 07:22PM
We dont have videos on payroll yet. But hopefully soon, we should have some.
I'm trying to record the daily sales data for a restaurant that wants to capture sales in various categories, such as food, liquor, beer, employee meals, over/short, discounts, etc as well as sales taxes collected that need to be forwarded to the state at the end of the month. I receive the data from the cash register receipts at the end of each day and perform a daily sales report. Credit cards are batched and electronically sent by credit card company to the bank and the cash is deposited separately on a daily basis. I want to be able to reconcile the daily deposits with the bank statement at the end of the month. I also want to verify the monthly sales taxes collected to verify what is due to the state at the end of the month. Per Quickbooks, I understand the sales data should be entered on a sales receipts but haven' t figured out how to create it. Do I make a template for daily sales revenue or what would you suggest?
Re: RE: Recording daily sales information
March 02, 2013 11:30AM
What you can do is an "Invoice" for that restaurant for daily sales.

In there you can separate the categories through line items.
At the bottom will show the totals including tax collected.

Then you receive 2 payments.
One is for Credit Cards for that amount
The other is for Cash.

That should do the trick
Re: how to choose categories
March 07, 2013 09:39PM
How can I choose the correct category for expenses, for exporting to Turbo Tax
Re: how to choose categories
March 20, 2013 06:54AM
Don't really understand the question. Can you please clarify a bit more.

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