Payroll Deductions
December 01, 2015 08:32PM
I have recently taken a position as the office manager within a personally owned business that uses QB. I was not trained as detailed as I would like, so unfortunately it is a "trial and error" situation.

I recently had an employee (whom we will call A) show me the pay stub of another employee (cool smiley. On one particular pay period, employee A had a deduction taken out and it had mistakenly been applied to employee B. This issue was corrected immediately (that I am told) however the deduction that was taken out only once on Employee B's is still showing months later. This is an issue in regards to Employee A information not being protected. The deduction does not show that it is being taken out within the employee information tab and does not show that the deduction is taken out of the payroll tab, it only shows on the check stub.

How do I inactivate or delete this information from Employee B's check stubs for proprietary reasons?

Re: Payroll Deductions
December 02, 2015 11:39PM

You cannot delete a payroll item on a paystub after it has been issued. If the amount was reversed it won't show up on the employee's year to date report but there is no way you can delete. You can make that payroll item inactive so it can't be used again but if you need it for another employee you can't make it inactive.

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