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QBO adjust printing of 3 check page

Posted by Ken B 
I have printed my first checks on a 3 check sheet using QBO. I have adjusted so the first check prints just fine. The second check is off just a little and the third check is unusable.

I believe QB Desktop allowed you to make an adjustment for all three checks. Is there some way to adjust the second and third check on a sheet so I don’t ruin checks are have to print them one check at a time.
Re: QBO adjust printing of 3 check page
June 12, 2013 02:38PM
Hello Ken

It sounds like you are aware of the aligning checks under File: Printer Setup, checks window There is no way to align only the 2nd and 3rd checks. If aligining the page doesn't work your checks are probably not compatable with QuickBooks. You must make sure when you buy checks from someone other than Intuit that they list them as compatable with QuickBooks. If they do not align correctly you could return them if they were advertised as QuickBooks compatable. Other than that, you might have to print them one at a time which would be time consuming as you would probably have to change the check numbers manually.

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