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Roll over from one year to the next?

Posted by CecilB 
Roll over from one year to the next?
February 07, 2013 02:56AM

We have a Non-Profit corporation. We have basically the same employees and accounts payable year after year. Each year we start a new company and input all the data. Is it possible to roll over into a new year without inputting all the information as a new company?

Also we have another chart of accounts for designated received/payments. What would be the best way to set this up in QB?

Thanks in advance,
Cecil B
Re: Roll over from one year to the next?
February 08, 2013 07:57PM
If they are using Quickbooks the information should carry over each year.

There should be no reason to enter all that information again each year.

What program are you using?
I have been asked by an owner of a small restaurant to set up the business using QuickBooks. He wants to have all receipts for 2013 entered before starting the new year. What is the best approach and quickest way to enter the 12 prior months. Should I set it up as though everything were current or should I just enter the receipts as Journal Entries?

This will be the first time any information has been setup.

Re: Best way to post 12 months of receipts in QB
March 01, 2014 03:42PM
If he wants you to do the entire year of 2013 transations it will take awhile. If it is acceptable to him I would enter the total expenses and income by month. That would enable him/her to show a Profit & Loss with previous year comparison report.

You can write a check to Miscellaneous Vendors and list the total of all expenses for the month on that check. You can enter the total income for the month as a deposit.

You will have to make sure the bank balance at year end matches the year end bank statement. You will have to reconcile the entire year and hopefully it will be close enough to accept a reconciliation discrepancy adjustment to balance.

If any checks come through in 2014 that were written in 2013 you need to enter them dated last year.
need to correct 2013 book work
March 09, 2014 04:44AM
I would like to straight up my last year bank accounts
.need help!
Re: need to correct 2013 book work
March 10, 2014 07:53PM

Need a bit more info that that.
But basically, you want to reconcile your bank statements for each month which means you have to put in entries for anything that is not already in your QuickBooks. It sounds like you need to watch most of our basic videos to get started that can be found on this page http://learnquickbooksfree.com/

I am new to QBks.
I have created a chart of accounts for a Corporation - Over the Road Trucking Company. I have linked the accounts to the tax return. I want to copy this setup to another Corporation - a Different Corporation.

I have spent 2 hours adding special accounts.

Please advise

Re: Copying a Chart of Accounts-Corp to another New File
September 10, 2015 08:20PM
Hello David,

To export many things such as chart of accounts follow these steps

Go to "Files" -> "Utilities" -> "Export" --> "List to IFF Files"

There you can select what you want to export.

Same procedure for importing, except you select "Import" instead of "Export"

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