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got confused for chart of account when enter Accounts Receivable

Posted by lillian deng 


thanks for teaching, please check out my image,i had create two receivable, one is $1000 and $1200, after i check back to chart of account the
summary looks like confused, because the payment is $961.89 after i got two deposit ending balance still is $961.89,
please help me out. thank you so much!

Re: got confused for chart of account when enter Accounts Receivable
February 20, 2014 07:11PM
It looks like you are using the Accounts Receivable register to enter receivables. You should be entering Invoices or Sales Receipt.s If they are paying right away or have paid, you use Sales Receipts. If they are paying later, use Invoices, then go to "Receive Payments' to enter the payments when they do pay. You would either choose deposit to Undeposited Funds (a preference you set in Preferences) or directly to the bank account ONLY IF it is the total deposit.

The reason the balance is still $961.89 is that the balance on your Accounts Payable was $961.89 before you made those entries. Go Reports, Customers & Receivables, Open Invoices. You can then see who is still owing money, the total of the unpaid invoices should be $961.89.

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