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REassigning invoices to a check

Posted by Cindy 
REassigning invoices to a check
April 25, 2014 08:24PM
I have taken over a small mess... some invoices were paid to a company before QuickBooks was set up. A check was sent to pay the invoices again. The company called me and asked if they could apply the check to the outstanding invoices and I agreed. How do I re-assign the check to different invoices without reprinting or voiding the check?
Re: REassigning invoices to a check
April 30, 2014 06:02PM
That depends on how the original payment was handled on your end and if you are talking about a bill or an invoice. Was the original payment applied to the correct invoice on your end? If not, how was the payment handled? You can find it easily in either the Customer Center under the customer's name. You can also go to Edit, Find, Amount = to $whatever the amount of the invoice is & find. All of the transactions for that amount will show up. I would also click "View" and "Add Find to the Icon Bar" for easy access to this great tool. If it was a bill you also need to find out if it is in QuickBooks and how it was handled as far as payment.

If the payment was made before QuickBooks was set up and you don't need to enter previous transactions, just enter the payment as a deposit to Accounts Payable or Receivable (if it is a bill or an invoice) and the name of the customer or vendor and it will show up as a credit for them. You can then either go to Pay Bills and apply the credit to the correct bill or Receive Payments and apply the credit to the correct invoice.

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