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Is my Lowe's Accounts Receivable a vendor or a credit card?

Posted by Meg Wheeler 
I need help! We have a contracting business that I am trying to set up in QB. We have an account with Lowe's called their Accounts Receivable account. We get discounts with this and they track purchases per job. But we pay it off each month, and we have a Lowe's AR credit card to make purchases with. I don't know whether to start entering purchases from them as a credit card purchase or set them up as a vendor. This account is the only way we purchase anything for the business from Lowe's, so I have lots of receipts (that are just like a regular credit card receipt). But once a month I receive a bill from them to pay in full.
I hope this makes sense and someone can help me do this right from the beginning. Thanks!
Re: Is my Lowe's Accounts Receivable a vendor or a credit card?
September 21, 2014 12:52AM
It sounds like you guys have an account setup with Lowe’s and when you need materials for each job you would purchase it from them and pay it off when you receive your invoice. This is sound just like a credit card.

I would setup a CREDIT CARD account and account for it exactly like any other credit card.

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