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Vendor Prepayment on Credit Card

Posted by Candace 
Vendor Prepayment on Credit Card
October 01, 2013 09:18PM
I'm wondering how to enter a vendor prepayment or deposit using a credit card. A Purchase Order has been entered for the items being purchased; however, we haven't received the material and I haven't found it to be the same as a check prepayment.

Thank you in advance.
Re: Vendor Prepayment on Credit Card
October 15, 2013 04:49PM
Hello Candace,

When you enter the credit card charge, use Accounts Payable as the account in the Expense tab and put the Vendor's name in the Customer/Job field as well as in the Purchased From field.
This creates a credit which you can apply to whichever bill you want to in the Pay bills window. The credit does not automatically pop up. When you click on a bill to pay you can see below if there are credits to apply. Click on Set Credits, and choose which credit to apply to that bill.

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