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Reimbursement Complication

Posted by Melvin Arps 
Reimbursement Complication
November 14, 2013 03:38AM
I use QuickBooks to handle the finances of a small church. One of the HVAC systems failed to provide heat to certain part of the building, so it had to be fixed. A colleague of mine contacted an HVAC repair service and got the problem resolved on the same day. Then he immediately paid off the HVAC vendor by writing a personal check against his own personal bank account (not the church's bank account). Of course, the HVAC vendor was happy to be paid on the same day for providing $350.00 in HVAC repair services. However, my colleague now expects the church to reimburse him for the $350.00 that he personally spent to get the HVAC heating system working again. How do I properly record these transactions in QuickBooks to truly reflect what happened here?
Re: Reimbursement Complication
November 21, 2013 07:47PM
The easiest way to record this so it doesn’t get confusing for you or anyone else would be to:

Enter Bill – Colleagues name as vendor and add the HVAC Heating Vendor name in the memo
Expense account would be Repairs and Maintenance

Pay bills – pay your colleague a check for $350 and you’re done.

Make sure you keep all receipts to reference back to the transaction.

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