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Pay Multiple Vendors at Same Time

Posted by Michael Davids 
Pay Multiple Vendors at Same Time
October 28, 2012 01:52AM
Hi, I just finished watching both parts of the Payable and vendors videos and learned how to pay one bill. I would like to know if I could pay more than one vendors at the same time. And if I can, will the system assign check numbers automatically one after another? Also, my company is currently hand writing the checks. The check book is the old kind that has 3 checks on each page with check stub on the left side. Do we need to order special check stock in order to have them printed by Quickbooks?
Re: Pay Multiple Vendors at Same Time
October 28, 2012 01:52AM
By Admin:

Here is your Video


By Learnquickbooksfree dotCom

You go under "Pay Bills"
Select all the vendors you want to pay.
Choose "Checks to be printed"
WHen you pay bills, it will ask you for 1st check number, and then it will automatically assign the rest of the check numbers.

Once you hit print, you can select from different format check forms.

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