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Editing Average day to pay reports

Posted by Debbie 
Ok so here is what I need to know. The boss wants to know if there is a way to track those customers that are slow to pay. I know that I can use average days to pay reports to see this, but before I joined the company none of the accounts were cleared for like 3 years. Now most the average day to pay shows anywhere between 1500 to 3. Is there anyway to alter the report so that it doesn't show the previous years and just use the last two years?
We are using QuickBooks Pro 2013.
I have tried changing the dates and still not had any luck getting what he is looking for.
Re: Editing Average day to pay reports
August 04, 2015 07:28PM
No, unfortunately you will have to clear those invoices that are showing unpaid that have been paid. Run a Deposit detail report in the Banking reports. Any deposit that doesn't say "Payment" was probably entered just as a deposit for an invoice instead of going to Payments, to Undeposited Funds, then to banking. See if you can locate the erroneous deposits.

You can then click on the deposit, add an account below the line to something like Miscellaneous Expense or ASK CPA, put the exact same amount as the payment for the invoice, then put 0 in the line that has the payment that was entered wrong. This must give you the same amount of the deposit as it probably was already cleared. Save the transaction but leave it open.

Then go to the Payments window, enter the payment info for the client, have it go to Undeposited funds. Save that transaction and go back to the deposit that should be open, click on payments, it will then show up on the same deposit window.

Then delete the lines that you made earlier making sure the deposit is still the same. Save and close. This will now show the invoice as paid and the days to pay will be correct.

Any invoices you still show open that you can't link to a deposit you will have to ask your CPA how he wants you to clear them. You can go to payments and click on the discounts & credits tab at the top, a window will pop up where you can choose the account your CPA tells you to use to write off the open invoices that you know were paid. Make sure to ask him what date to use for writing off the open invoices.

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