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Posted by Michael Davids 
May 07, 2013 09:43PM
Author: Maggie
How do i enter Fundraiser? I just stared working at a gym facility where they have Vollyball tounaments and club Dues for the kids ages 10-18. So the parents usually do fundraisers to bring down the cost on their kids accounts. How do I give them Credit into their accounts from the money they raised?
Re: Fundraising
May 07, 2013 09:43PM
You create a Non-Inventory item called Fundraiser Dues that is linked to Undeposited Funds. In the description field put Dues exchanged for Fundraising.

You then make a credit memo to each Customer/Student using that item. It will create a credit to their account.

You then make the deposit for all Fundraising money for that day.
As usual, when making deposits you would select the payments that are in the deposit. Your deposit totals must always match the deposits on your bank statement or your reconciling will be a mess.

You still make an invoice for the Customer/Student for the Dues normally charged. You may need to set up an item as a Non Inventory item linked to Dues Income or whatever account you use for Dues.

You then apply the payment in the Receive Payments window when they make a payment, or apply all of the credit to the payment if it is for the full amount of the dues. This method will show on their statement and keep a credit balance until fully used.

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