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data on reports

Posted by debra 
data on reports
January 23, 2014 04:46PM
My accountant friend gives me reports from Quickbooks that are useless. They breakdown into very tiny amounts like insurance 4 cents, 1.49, 3.34, 456.45. The totals are correct but why in the world does one entry take 4-5 lines and why should I have to total each item with an adding machine? It took 28 lines to show what we paid a utility company for our internet service for two months. We pay the bill and get reimbursed by the company for the business portion? What can he be doing wrong????
Re: data on reports
January 31, 2014 02:57AM
Not sure what your friend is doing, but in QuickBooks when you record a bill it should only show the total paid. If you run a Profit and Loss report it should show you the totals so you won’t have to manually count them. If this is an issue maybe you should seek help from an accountant or bookkeeper to properly account for your books.

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