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Outstanding Checks on bank reconcilation

Posted by mriddick 
Outstanding Checks on bank reconcilation
March 19, 2014 06:35PM
When reconciling bank statements in QuickBooks, how do you handle the outstanding checks at the end of the month, it show them as un-reconcile differences and wants to do journal entry for it in order to close the reconciliation for the month
Re: Outstanding Checks on bank reconcilation
March 26, 2014 03:56AM
The outstanding checks do not make your bank reconciliation off as they are not even on the bank statement. They will show on the report as uncleared transactions.

The error is someplace else. I would check the total deposits on the bottom of the reconciliation screen and see if it matches the bank statement totals. If it does, the error is in the checks and debits. You can click "Modify", then Locate Discrepancies and a report will pop up showing if there were any checks or deposits deleted or changed since the last reconciliation.

You can also run a "Find" on the discrepancy amount in case it is in one transaction. The Find feature is awesome. It's located under Edit, Find. You click on Advanced, Amount, click the = circle, then put the amount in. It will show you every transaction with that amount in it. As always, if you are in a window you want to access frequently, click View, Add "Find" to Icon Bar and it will always be in view.

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