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Updating/changing CC acct number in QB to transfer statements online

Posted by Jill 
I don't even know if I'm in the right section, but thought I'd start here. :-)
I am the QB Administrator and we have Quickbooks Pro 2014. I have never really been successful at downloading card charges into QB directly from my credit card website (American Express). Apparently, I set it up some time ago, but when I tried to send statements from AMEX to QB, so I can more easily reconcile my statement charges, rather than entering them all manually...there are a lot...I got an error message saying "The account number for the specified account was not recognized. Please verify the account number, qaccount type, and routing number in the Account list. If this problem continues, contact Technical Support for online banking. (OL-304)

I tried going into the chart of accounts, selected the correct credit card, right clicked on Edit Account, however the credit card number is not in a box that I can edit. There is an option to click on the right that says "How do I change the account number?" But I get an error message that the link is broken. ??

Any tips for me to get this changed/updated, so I can save hours of data entry? I really appreciate any help, suggestions or directions you may have for me!! Thanks in advance!

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