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Non-Profit Set up with multiple ministries

Posted by marioaccumanno 
Non-Profit Set up with multiple ministries
August 10, 2013 07:58PM
I am new to Quickbooks and will be placing a local church financial statement into the Quickbooks format. This church has a general cash-flow account which feeds into eight separate ministries. These ministries have deposits, check writing, transfers, reimbursement payments, etc. Although it seems to be a rather simple framework, my question is how to initially set up these separate ministries that will continue to reconcile the overall cash-flow amount. Thanks!
Re: Non-Profit Set up with multiple ministries
August 13, 2013 02:50AM
For Profit and Loss, you can use Class Tracking which we have a video on.

However, for separate balance sheet, you might have to do separate books for each ministry. It's the same for a property manager that has multiple clients. Each client has their own set of books to see the balance sheet.

I know its not what you want to hear, but pretty sure that is the right way to go about it.

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